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100% owner designed, built, and operated for luxury travelers, corporate off-sites, and related intimate gatherings, our’s is a collection of incomparable micro-resorts. From the layout of the foundations to the refurbishing of the vintage chandeliers and furnishings, we have focused on guests’ in-residence experience. We believe that lodging should be the main event in a vacation or retreat, not least because it is the most expensive aspect but equally because of its primary impact second only to geography. We are doing something decidedly extra-ordinary in the level and extent of design and service.

A merry band of artists in love with the decorative arts, we believe that aesthetics are the embodiment of heaven on earth, capable of inspiration and possessing healing powers. Buildings and landscapes are our palettes. Our design includes acute environmental sensitivity and artistic refinement levels, always commencing from the land and its vistas. We strive to afford our guests an unfettered, essentially raw experience of Mother Nature in the pristine Napa ~ Sonoma outback. Such a decided level of intention has produced discernible utility of purpose, including optimally functioning spaces with seamless indoor ~ outdoor living, ensuite baths for every bedroom, bigger kitchens, commercial appliances, and all the necessities for producing dinner parties, meetings, and small events free for guests employ. Art and sculpture add inspiration and delight throughout.

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We have been ever-inspired by the many artisans in other fields building wineries and other regional businesses all around us. Our ever-striving concierge staff, wine experts, and partners are remarkably informed and connected. If you think you have “seen it all” in Napa~Sonoma, please consider that we can curate touring and experiences that will surprise and astonish you. We can share our access to the unknown “outback,” vineyard locations, and experiences of Napa ~ Sonoma; we promise to take your breath away…

Our properties are ever work in process – so if you visit us over time, you will see elements constantly being added and refined. Let us know what you think and include suggestions of what we should try and include going forward.

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We Promise Memories of a lifetime

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