The Buildings

Our Sonoma property (where it rains 100% more on the ridge than on the Valley floors) has a state-of-the-art greywater system capturing rain off the roof for summer use in irrigation. In winter, buildings are plumbed for captured rainwater to be filtered and fed into our toilet tanks – to help reduce rainwater going into the ground and creeks and reducing wastewater volume that would go back into the winter saturated ground.
Insulation: in all buildings is recycled and fiberglass free
Flooring: the majority is recycled fir (from old California and Washington warehouses). The Calistoga property is from a regional navy base, Mare Island.)
Radiant heat in the vast majority – much more efficient and more admirable for humans
On-demand water heaters which are more efficient
Solar heat for both domestic and pool water wherever possible
Smart thermostats throughout.
Remote, wifi control, timers, and motion sensors on outdoor lighting
LED lightbulbs throughout
Recycling, especially of plastic and metals
We are working to be 100% solar-powered everywhere possible.

Sustainability 1

Domestic water at all properties is filtered
healthy water with UV-light sanitation and the backwater is recycled. All toilets are low flow, as are all showered heads (the law in CA). Reverse osmosis filtration produces clean drinking water, but 1/3 of all water filtered is wastewater. Our system has more sterile water than Evian and is less wasteful, plus we recycle all filtration wastewater.
Vintage pervades our design work and thus our interiors and architecture. Blair is the queen of antiques, flea markets, the salvaged and upcycled – to us, all these are treasures that inspire, and we hope you find this to be true for your groups as well. We have learned that.
eBay and the like are as reliable as Amazon in many categories, and vintage is usually higher quality – organic, naturally strong materials, and superior design.
95% of our lighting is antique at all houses.
95% of all seating at all houses is vintage
95% of dishware, pots, and pans (used all clad is very recherché on the web(!)
Much of our commercial cooking equipment and serve ware
Outdoor daybeds
Ask about upgrades of our vintage tableware and bone china.
At the Hideout, designed as an authentic 1880’s interior, Blair did not allow anything new unless it could not be sourced as antique/vintage (plumbing, HVAC, tech devices, and appliances had to be unique). To be sure, all the taxidermy is vintage, as are all our antique rugs, 99% of our furnishings (mattresses are, of course, new), library books, art, sculpture, and our vintage bedding which has become world-famous.

Sustainability 2

We Promise Memories of a lifetime

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