What Guest Can Do

We know that you are on vacation, but everyone who visits our properties is on vacation – imagine how much energy is wasted if every group throws recycling and energy conservation to the side for the period of their visit….. We most respectfully ask that you continue to be environmentally conscientious, just as you would at your own home.

HVAC: Listen carefully to the greeter’s instructions about our heating and cooling operation. Remember:

WINTER: Radiant heat should be set at least 2 degrees less than what you are accustomed to if your norm is forced air – thus 67 or 68. Believe us, it will feel like 70 degrees – or higher as heating your feet is highly efficient. Even our shores have heated floors.


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SUMMER: Do not run the ac with the doors open. Our houses are designed for indoor ~ outdoor living, which means the doors open. The bedrooms can be closed off, and they have run in these specific areas and not run in the main living areas – so you have cool places to escape to or nap in, but you are not pumping cold air into more excellent Napa ~ Sonoma County! You will be charged at relatively high rates for excess energy usage as per your contract.

RECYCLING, please, as per each county’s instructions (posted in all pantries and house books). Our kitchen cans are clearly labeled to assist.

Turn lights off when leaving a room or going out touring.

DO NOT SPEED OR DRIVE INTOXICATED on our roads which deeply disturbs our neighbors, two-footed and 4, not to mention endangers yourselves. We highly recommend hiring transport for all touring, and it is a prerequisite of any touring our concierge staff books on your behalf.

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We Promise Memories of a lifetime

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