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Cooking Class ~ Any Cuisine

All our properties have commercial grade kitchens and equipment for our chefs. The St Helena property has 2 kitchens, one being a professional demonstration kitchen ...

Whale watching

The Best time to see whales in Sonoma, from cliffs on the coast or from tour boats - is from December to April, during the ...
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Vintage Airplanes

located at the Petaluma Municipal Airport in Petaluma. They offer flights on vintage aircraft, including the WACO UPF-7 biplane, the Boeing Stearman PT-17, and the Piper J-3 Cub The Wine Country ...
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Surfing Sonoma Coast

The best-known surf spots in Sonoma County is Salmon Creek Beach, just north of Bodega Bay, 2nd best is Doran Beach, located on the southern edge of Bodega Bay. ...

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